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Rescue Referral

Want a Chihuahua or other fine pet or companion?  Check these links for the purebred or other dog of your choice.  You can't beat the price, and you're doing a good deed for the dog and the pet community.
Second Chance Dog Rescue and Referral "
focuses on purebred rescue, [although] there are sometimes mixed breed dogs available for adoption ."  They usually have Chihuahuas, all ages, and they will ship.
ShelterDog Rescue is a volunteer organization.
PetFinder  is a large site with search by pet species, breed, age, size, etc.  Links to shelters and rescue referral sites.

Chihuahua Club of America  The national organization of Chihuahua breeders, with shows and other events.

American Kennel Club The recognized breed standards and registration organization.  Articles, links to clubs and services, and much more.  Register your dog's DNA with AKC DNA Certification.

Companion Animal Recovery is the largest pet tracking implated chip resource. Help for finding your lost pet.  Microchip registration and other aids are found here.

Canine Dental Care is a non-commercial web page, hosted on a commercial web site but is an information page with many informational links helpful in pet dental care but no commercial links.

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Jim Beard's Home Page  My personal home page.

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